Growth Single 2020 / Inês d’Orey

Inês d’Orey

Growth Singles: Limbo #1

“We are still waiting for the fog to dissipate”. Inês d’Orey read this stencil on a wall and found the right phrase for her generation. She then decided to contact some participants of the 12th March demonstration in 2011, the biggest civil demonstration in Portugal since the dictatorship revolution in 1974. By portraying young protesters, Inês d’Orey proposes a reflexive perspective on an outraged generation that is paralysed in a state of suspension and anticipation. LIMBO contemplates what it is to exist in an indefinite and uncertain state. It is an emotional portrait of a generation that doesn’t dare aspire to anything other than the next minute, but deeply believes that, one way or the other, something will have to change.