Growth Single 2020 / Anna Zandman

Anna Zandman

Growth Singles: Long. Live. Lo. Lee. Ta.

‘Long. Live. Lo. Lee. Ta.’ – inspired by Vladimir Nabokov’s infamous novel Lolita – confronts the viewer with the limitations of age and its perverse implications for beauty. Our society is still prone to sexualising femininity: being womanly and feminine is associated with a sexy aesthetic and behaviour. Anna’s work aims to show the characters that are not constructed and dictated by the media and the male gaze. It constructs femininity on a relatable basis. Lolita is a novel that, despite being represented on screen in multiple iterations, still portrays Lolita as an over-sexualised little girl whose only role is to support the development of the male protagonist. Anna shows the characters from the prism of the real world: her Lolita evokes a love story from a new perspective of the modern world and its novelties. Despite the obvious over-exaggeration of the character, one still finds the heroine relatable. Anna repositioned the female figure from the object of desire to an elusive character that strives to expose the dualities in our modern society. Turning to postmodernity to help unravel the stereotypes of feminine beauty, Anna worked on making these imperfections of femininity the “new” beautiful. Therefore, revealing the tensions of the acceptable and the unacceptable, beauty and ugliness, while shedding light on the highly selective nature of the fashion industry.