Meet OpenWalls judge Daniel Miller, founder of

Daniel Miller is a photography dealer residing on the west coast of the United States. He is also the proprietor of two galleries, and founder of photography collecting initiative

California-based gallery owner and entrepreneurial art dealer Daniel Miller began his auction site,, six years ago. Each day, he puts up three photographs for sale on the site, and these are then sent out as a newsletter, to more than 8,000 subscribers from 75 countries. This venture began when an important collector gifted Daniel with 500 photographs to sell, and he saw an opportunity in the market. Daniel now works with a roster of collectors, who use to grow their photography collections from anywhere in the world.

Through, as well as his other successful pursuits, Daniel has become an expert on the global photography market. He has a wealth of photographic knowledge, from spotting key market trends and driving factors, to understanding what makes a compelling photograph.

Daniel Miller

How did come into fruition?

A major collector of photographs was looking to sell their rather large collection quickly, so I called a handful of collectors and told them I was going to email them one image every day with a special offer until they told me to stop. That was in April 2012, and we have presented the “Daily” email every day since then, which is now 2,268 days in a row. is not a website, or a random online shopping cart. It is a daily email, which is sent to over 8,000 serious subscribers worldwide, who all collect a lot of photography. Although the Daily began with vintage photographs, we added emerging and contemporary sections shortly after it began. I’m proud to report that we have paid emerging photographers over $300,000 for sales of their works.

How do you choose which photographs you feature on YourDailyPhotograph? What is your selection process?

We have several guest curators who review submissions. Around 5-10% of what is submitted to us is chosen for our email. We are always on the hunt for extraordinary works to present to our collectors.

What sorts of images do you hope to see when judging?

When we’re judging, we’re not going to be looking at prints, we’re going to be looking at digital files. Everybody looks at a digital file a different size, and they’re all optimized for different screens. I think this is something that artists often don’t keep in mind. Demure or more complicated images are at a disadvantage during competitions, and when looking to be sold. It’s a shame but that’s the new world. We deal with this everyday at YourDaily. We see plenty of great images and great photographs in person, but they need to be easy to relate to as a JPEG.

What advice would you give to photographers submitting work to OpenWalls?

Choose images that are clear to understand in small sizes on a computer screen. This is quite important these days.

What do you think are the benefits of entering photography awards?

The best contests and awards get you visible to collectors, galleries and museums, but it’s important to be selective. There are hundreds of contests for people to enter but there are only a few really valuable ones. With the backing of the BJP, OpenWalls is by far one of the more interesting ones for people to enter. Now more than ever before, people need to be really careful about which awards they choose.

What makes for a compelling, and memorable, photograph?

The best art elicits a personal, emotional response from the viewer. Hopefully, the work I see submitted to OpenWalls will do this.