Julia de Bierre
Gallery Director, Galerie Huit Arles

Author, curator and heritage-conservationist Julia de Bierre was born in Malaysia and was educated at Uplands School on Penang Hill and at Bristol University in the United Kingdom. For many years she has lived and worked in 2 UNESCO World Heritage sites – the ancient Provençal town of Arles in France and multi-ethnic George Town on the island of Penang, Malaysia. This privilege has made her doubly aware of how important it is to preserve not just our urban and natural environments, but also a slower, more reflective way of life.


Vignes Balasingam
Founder and Director, OBSCURA Festival of Photography

Vignes Balasingam is the founder and director of the OBSCURA Festival of Photography. Through the 5 editions of the festival, he has curated over 40 exhibitions featuring international and Malaysian photographers, including works multi-award winning photographers. Vignes also produced and co-edited Ian Teh’s third monograph, Confluence and is the Executive Director for we will have been young, a year-long travelling exhibition and book publication featuring 12 emerging artists from Southeast Asia.
He was jury for the POPCAP Prize for Contemporary African Photography 2016, the KL Photo Awards 2106 and Travel Photographer Asia 2016. Vignes also was a guest curator for the Chennai Photo Biennale 2016, Photo 17 Zürich 2017, Jeon-ju International Photo Festival 2017, in South Korea. He is presently an appointed mentor for the Masters in Photography programme at the Photography Studies College, Melbourne, Australia.


Genevieve Fussell
Senior Photo Editor, The New Yorker

Genevieve Fussell is a Senior Photo Editor at The New Yorker, where she commissions and produces a range of photography for the magazine as well as contributing to the curation of Photo Booth, The New Yorker’s photography blog. Before joining The New Yorker, Genevieve worked as the archivist for VII Photo, the international collective of photojournalists based in New York and Paris.


Clement Saccomani
Managing Director, NOOR Images

Clément Saccomani (France, 1981) comes to NOOR with 15 years of international experience in the photography industry. He began working in the field as a press photographer for several years covering news, conflict and violence against women, represented by Gamma Agency. In 2009, Clément joined the staff of Magnum Photos – www.magnumphotos.com. In 2011, he was promoted to Editorial Director, developing strong, innovative strategies for visual storytelling projects for corporate clients, NGOs and international organizations. Clément’s expertise embraces all aspects of creative management, from seeking out business opportunities, to overseeing the communication and dissemination of creative projects. Since Sept 2015, Clement is NOOR Managing Director – www.noorimages.com and is currently based in Amsterdam.


Simon Bainbridge
Editorial Director, British Journal of Photography

Simon Bainbridge has worked in arts journalism for 25 years. He has served as editor of British Journal of Photography since 2003, transforming the magazine from a weekly trade journal into an award-winning monthly, which showcases the best of contemporary photography. Bainbridge acts as a judge and nominator for numerous photography awards and festivals. He has curated two exhibitions around the medium and is currently undertaking picture research for an upcoming book exploring portraits of artists.


Daniel Miller
Founder, YourDailyPhotograph.com

Daniel Miller is a photography dealer residing on the west coast of the United States. He is a California-based gallery owner and entrepreneurial art dealer, and founder of photography collecting initiative YourDailyPhotograph.com

He started the auction site, YourDailyPhotograph.com, six years ago. Each day, three photographs are put up for sale on the site, and these are then sent out in a newsletter, to more than 8,000 subscribers from 75 countries. This venture began when an important collector gifted Daniel with 500 photographs to sell, and he saw an opportunity in the market. Daniel now works with a roster of collectors, who use YourDailyPhotograph.com to grow their photography collections from anywhere in the world.

Through YourDailyPhotograph.com, as well as his other successful pursuits, Daniel has become an expert on the global photography market. He has a wealth of photographic knowledge, from spotting key market trends and driving factors, to understanding what makes a compelling photograph.